everyone danced the night away!

I just had to tell you how fabulous the project was on Saturday! I had so many people ask me
who the band was and everyone danced the night away! It was so fun! Please pass along how much we
loved them! It was incredible!


the entire wedding was on the dance floor all night!!

They were absolutely AMAZING. We loved them!!! The ceremony music was absolutely perfect and the reception was fabulous!! The Project exceeded every expectation.

My husband and I had the greatest time - we never dance at weddings (actually had never danced together before that night) and danced all night!! Not only did we have a great time with the Project but everyone at the wedding did. I think the entire wedding was on the dance floor all night!! We were all laughing that we were sweaty and ready for a dancing break, then they would play another great song and we would run back out there! Everyone we've talked to has said we had the greatest band ever and asked for their name. They did such an amazing job and I can't thank you all enough! They made our wedding perfect!
Please pass along my thanks and tell everyone what a wonderful job they did. They were the greatest! Please feel free to use me as a reference anytime.

Thank you all again,


never ever think of using any other band!

The Project was absolutely fabulous!!! We could not have had a better band!!! They were a huge hit. Everybody loved them. We will recommend them to everyone and will never ever think of using any other band! The songs were just what we wanted. They were friendly, engaging, professional, fun and treated us all like royalty. We loved it when they came down on the dance floor and played, and got the crowd involved. The two sax solos went so well I couldn’t believe it (OK, I missed a few high notes…but the crowd didn’t notice) and it was just a ton of fun. Everybody was dancing and going crazy to my two Junior Walker songs! It was so cool that the band let me play with them! I really appreciated that immensely and their willingness to rehearse those two additional songs that were not on their playlist. We also really greatly appreciated your, Mike and Branden’s willingness to assist our family band with its performance, which also went even better than we could have expected and was very well received. All of the set-up connections, mics, equipment, audio was perfect! If there is ever anything we can to do for you or The Project (testimonials, recommendations, etc.), do not hesitate to let us know. You all were FANTASTIC!!
With great appreciation,
Paul and Terrell


Hands down the best wedding band ever.

Emailing you from London!!
They were ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! the dance floor opened around 8 pm and never once had a break! I had people ask me if they were allowed to start dancing and of course I said go for it!! Our favorite part was towards the end of the night when it was really packed!! The two main guys got out on the floor and started rapping with all my friends.. It was great!!! certain friends I didn't know had it in them were on the dance floor all night long!! Hands down the best wedding band ever. We are biased... But... We even heard that from guests!!! Hats off to them!

Ali and Chris


"The Project" was outstanding!

"The Project" was outstanding! The dance floor was constantly packed with all ages the entire night. We saw people who never dance - dance most of the time! Great range of genres! All evening everyone asked who they were! We anticipated that they would be great but they exceeded our expectations! Thank you for making Elizabeth and Buck's wedding a memorable event for all!
You are the Best!
Liz and Ed


We absolutely loved the band!

Hi Haley! Sorry for the delay! We got back from our honeymoon a few days ago and still trying to get back in the swing of things :) We absolutely loved the band! They were so wonderful and full of energy! They did an amazing job of interacting with us and the crowd and we couldn't have asked for anything better. I know my parents and their friends all had nothing but great things to say as well. I had numerous people ask who the band was and informed me that they were they best they'd seen! If you need anything else please just let me know. I hope all is well.


Even better than last year!

Hi Stacie! So sorry about the delay in responding! The band was terrific even better than last year! I talked to the lighting guy at set up and told him about last year so we changed up a few things and the dance floor was full all night! During the break they did the line dancing thing which was so well received. All in all a huge success!



They were incredible!

Just a quick email to thank you and Absolute Entertainment for the fabulous Project band at Valerie and Bryan's wedding last Saturday! They were incredible! Everyone kept asking who the band was--they were just great! A special thank you to you for being so easy to deal with and pleasant; now that it is all over, I am exhausted but delighted with how everything went!

Take care, and I will contact you in the future!


We know we made the right choice with "The Project"

Let me just say the band and all of you were the very best. The wedding reception could not have been better and the band has received an abundance of compliments from our friends who have heard it all. They were just exceptional and kept the party going and going. Thanks for being so easy to work with, everyone's professionalism, and for just a fantastic performance. Even during the break before the final set, the lead singer was there with all of us doing the "line dances" and I never even realized that was break time until my daughter told me so. The band was just amazing, got the crowd involved, and my daughter, wife, other daughter, and daughter in law on stage was priceless as were my grandchildren who had the time of their life.I thank you so very much for making this an event to remember for us and bring us your best. We are forever indebted to you all and will certainly be raving to others about "The Project Band" which was just exceptional. Thank you so very much for making my daughters wedding so very special with the great music and quality of people in the band. We know we made the right choice with "The Project".

Best regards!


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

It was a wedding weekend that could not have been more perfect! The Project Band performed better than I could have ever imagined!! Everyone had a fantastic time & are still telling me what fun they had! The band members were also SO nice. They gave great suggestions before and during the reception. Thank you, Brenna, for suggesting putting the dance floor directly in front of the band. That is a MUST and you were right. One of the members suggested we turn down the lights because the guests don't like dancing when it is so bright. So I gave him permission to cut the lights & he was right, it picked up even more!!! Before the reception began, I ran into the 2 female singers & they were so nice & they are both BEAUTIFUL!! The lead male singer was AWESOME & I loved how he came into the crowd! My daughter's number one priority for her wedding to be remembered as FUN and the guests dance til the end & sad when it was over...mission accomplished!!!!!! I could go on & on about this band & Absolute Entertainment, I'm just so happy & I will HIGHLY recommend you to EVERYONE! Brenna, you have been a pleasure to work with! You always get back to me quickly & so friendly!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!
I have something in the mail coming your way!